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5 Benefits of SEO to Generate Organic Traffic

Do you want to learn about SEO? SEO or search engine optimization has a very broad scope. Maybe it will be easier if you learn the benefits of SEO first, especially for those of you who have a blog and want to get high organic traffic, aka traffic without ads.

There are two types of traffic, paid traffic and organic traffic. The difference between the two can be distinguished from the cost, quality of visitors, and the process. Although both can bring in visitor traffic, the organic way is preferable because it is less costly, evergreen, and more recommended.

5 Benefits of SEO to Generate Organic Traffic

Organic traffic provides many benefits for website owners, especially those who sell products and services online. High visitor traffic is expected to convert well, from blog visitors to become buyers.
Below are some reasons why organic traffic is preferred:

Targeted Visitors

People who looking for certain keywords in a search engine and then go to Google’s recommendation to our website are visitors who really need a solution. The solution they hope for is in our blog article.

If the blog owner also sells products or services, it is hoped that these targeted visitors will convert into buyers, as has been written above. This is one of the benefits of SEO to increase sales conversions. With organic traffic, visitors who come to our blog are sure to match our target audience.

Save Cost

Traffic from advertising is costly and must be sustainable. If we no longer advertise, traffic will also be lost.
SEO can bring organic traffic without having to pay for advertising.

The goal of SEO is to rank our blog or website so that it can be on the front page of search engines. If our blog page can be on page one of Google, more visitors will click on our blog link. The more incoming visitor traffic.

When the website is in the desired position, let’s say Google page one, organic traffic will be easier to get. SEO is also more evergreen and durable. We only need to invest in SEO without having to pay large advertising costs.

Profits Increase

The benefit of SEO after getting organic traffic is a higher percentage of conversions occurring. Increased conversions mean that the likelihood of a sale will be even greater.

No wonder that most companies prefer SEO to bring in organic traffic rather than advertising. The opportunities for increasing profits are much greater than paid advertising.

To do SEO optimization, we can work with SEO experts or even learn on our own. The results of SEO optimization cannot be seen immediately because it takes several months or even years to find out the results of SEO optimization.

The result mostly can be seen from the ranking on the Google page. Blogs and websites that are in the first position of the search engine will be more selected and get more clicks from visitors. This is one of the importance of SEO that can support online business.

Increase Brand Awareness

When we successfully optimize the website, the benefits of this SEO will be felt. Brand awareness is a measure of how far visitors and customers know about our blog, website, and even the products we offer.

When brand awareness increases, it is easy for many people to remember our products and services. This is not an easy matter, many aspects need to be considered because customers must be constantly informed about us and what we do. Provide readers and blog visitors with relevant and useful information so that visitors want to access our blog longer.

Low Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an analysis of the percentage of visitors who enter and then leave the website. When the bounce rate is high, we can say that the information on the website is not what visitors expect.

This is what makes visitors finally decide to leave and look for other websites. A high bounce rate makes our blog have a bad score from search engines. Can also make our ranking or ranking in search engines will decrease and move away from the first page.

To overcome a high bounce rate, use SEO. By using SEO optimization, our blog will only be displayed to relevant visitors. The more relevant blog visitors are to the content of the blog, the authoritative blog will increase.

If blogs and websites are optimally optimized, it is only a matter of waiting for the arrival of higher organic traffic and higher conversion rates.

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