The SEO Case Study Month is Coming

Hey, have you ever spend money on advertisements? If so, how’s your recent advertising campaign going?

According to Entrepreneur Media Inc., since last year the ecommerce is more indispensable.

It’s not a secret that since the pandemic, more companies pay more attention to digital marketing. More business owners start to build their ecommerce and became interested in using both paid and organic methods to keep striving in their industry, online marketing has now became a tougher battle.

Big companies also forced to adjust their budget to this tighter competition, even though they never had any issues with it in the past. 

Along with the struggle, small companies who has always done the advertisement budget carefully, are in dilemma whether to continue or stop spending on ads. 

Lately it’s not rare to see that how well-planned ad campaigns sometimes brought results that are far from expectation.

Fortunately, we have the alternative. Most companies already knew the benefits of SEO as the organic and cost-effective marketing channel for businesses. That’s how website optimization method started to bloom since 1997. 

So, what’s changed in SEO after the 2020 pandemic? How competitive and saturated does the method be recently?

To find out, we will use our SEO knowledge and experience on a few websites as our case study. This free service will be started in March 1st – 31st, 2021.

If you’re interested in receiving the free SEO service, send us the request at

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